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greece. in terms of ireland, i would say that economy is so close and integrated with ours it is right we give them support. that, i think, is the right approach but this government is being tough in making sure the banks pay their fair share. >> severe droughts, conflict in food prices have combined viciously in the horn of africa. creating desperate hunger and threatening the lives of millions. with eight agencies short of funds, what is the government doing to help? >> well, it's being extremely careful to help in the supporting crisis where 10 million people are at a threat of starvation. i think it once again demonstrates that we are right to maintain and increase our spending in this difficult -- in this area, difficult as the arguments sometimes are but in spite of the difficulties we have elsewhere and in europe it's nothing like those people facing starvation and death unless we help them. >> ed miliband.
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>> here, here. >> mr. speaker, can i join in paying tribute of highlander battalion in scotland. he served our country and died in the most horrific circumstances and i'm sure the thoughts of the whole house are with his family and friends. >> here, here. >> mr. speaker, the whole country has been appalled by the disclosures, the 7/7 victims the parents of holly wells and jessica chapman and, of course,
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there is a major police investigation on the way. there is one currently under way in our country. this clearly did not get to the truth. it is important that we had inquiries that are public and independent.
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this is the behavior of individual people. clearly, we cannot start all those. it may be possible to start it earlier. i will be happy to discuss. we will make sure we get this right.
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it is possible. they can start the process now. they should immediately appoint a senior leader. next year, they will have power to call witnesses on those. they are covering a number of key issues. there is the nature of regulation that is crucial. it is the relationship between the media and the police. i'm wondering if they can respond on those points. >> thought let me do that. of the two issues that i mentioned, the broader lessons as their parents i do think
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responding longer in may be possible to make a start on other elements. i do not want us to rush this decision. alatas to get it right. it is not mean we can get there anything. it is important we do so. he did in 0.8 inquiry. -- he did appoint an inquiry. let me go on to ask him about what happens in the meantime pending this public inquiry. it can be referred to the
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competition commitment. the public will react with disbelief. it is here. we did not yet know who charges will be laid against. clearly, you do not want to jeopardize a police operation.
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they are being question for the police process. believe me, i want this to get on with this issue. the faster we can setup alamance, the happier i will be peehere. we have followed the correct and legal processes. that is what the government has to do. my secretary of state is in a clause digest judicial role -- is in decline xi-judicial role. this is the issue of competition.
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>> the public will not accept the idea that with the scandal engulfing the news of the world that the government should in the coming days be making a decision out of the law of processes. i know this is difficult. i strongly urge them to think again. it is right to the government acts legally in every way. this is what it has done. what is it about morality and ethics that needs to be carried out in a proper way. the other is an issue about morality and competition.
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they try to look good. they have said consistently that there should be referred to the competition commissioner. i hope you will think again. this is referred to the competition that all others are dealt with.
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these and not the absence of a reporter. they see a major news organizations. you take responsibility. nobody is denying this. it is happening on the watch. will the prime minister join me? there is a technology. you have to look at the technicalities. this is necessary appear
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everybody will ask themselves this. everyone is subject. all of them are under way. they must follow the other one. if they find people of wrongdoing, they should have no problem doing this. he says they should stand down. i am clear. he should take responsibility in stand down. these events show a systematic set of abuses. it is in the interests of our democracy. it is getting worse by the day payton and not shun the
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leadership necessary. is not shown the leadership necessary on these international parent can give also up become the thing that is the most difficult. what is the correct order? he did not have to shout. they are terribly this orderly. >> i take full responsibility for everyone. i take responsibility for everything my government does. what they are doing is making sure of this.
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they have their phones tapped. this is why it is important each investigation. it is important that we have these increase. that is why we need to inquire and how improved the ethics and morals. that is what needs to be done. that is what we are doing. >> thank you.
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>> across our world, but there are 39 schools. the gender gaps we see are falling. we are securing schooling for 11 million children by 2015. that is more and we ever had in the u.k. this is a good investment for britain and british taxpayers. >> can you explain whether the cost of this reform is set to rise even further? it is even higher. mib partly responsible for the health services. >> well we have actually seen as more and into thousand more doctors.
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he would see the number going down. it is going in. >> is the prime minister aware? does he not agreed that you cannot put off difficult decisions? >> plan b stands for bankruptcy. we can see what happens if government does not get a grip. that is what this governor is doing. >> says the price minister agree with you.
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will the prime minister support this sex it is the maximum sentence. >> it is not just because the constituent case. it is death by dangerous driving. someone was really damaged permanently. we are looking at this issue. we hope to make this progress. we will not be a global player. do you agree that it needs reminding?
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>> it is not what to do it the first question. it is disorderly. >> it was remarkable yesterday. it is involved with the imf. they are getting through. there is details. it should be made public. make a move forward. it put this on there. they were an independent body.
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they are actually engaged today. then they subsequently come to live. we are all having to do this. they are difficult things pan we can bring complex to an end. >> they have admitted confidence. [unintelligible] >> clearly, this is a very important issue. palm they want to continue with
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the investigation. here and before you get to the point about public inquiry is, what the public needs to know is that the police will go about their job separately in terms of this investigation. they need to know this and the investigation. >> thank you. >> last friday, a 16 year old constituent of mine was arrested. two other children or arrested. what can they do to make sure the mayor gets on these problems.
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>> so we are doing is creating a new offense. it would send a very clear message to those who carry it. into threatened and endangered others. they would send a clear message that if you can anyone you would go to jail. >> they are doing the right thing. they should be encouraged. they will penalize them for early repayment. >> there is the detail of what we have been proposing. people who earn more pay back more.
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>> the prime minister was clear that should be balanced. these are the same explanations you refuse to except. what has changed? >> we have banned this. we have taken action. it is immensely frustrating. they are sending in a legal requirement.
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order. >> is the prime minister aware that there is concerned? we will take urgent steps. >> this is an important point. this is been in place for many years. it does, plus some economic and social benefits. they are working very closely. they do not try to do that. lea taken advantage of this. >> the community have all said
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that it should import this. will this stop here? >> it is here. >> what we need to do is make sure that our welfare reforms are encouraging those people who sit on welfare that could actually go out to work. there is economic growth. we are going to change it. >> thank you. they provide a valuable service. every effort should be made to
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retain them. >> i agree. we want to see it the network so that they can make a choice about where they give birth. whether this is in a distributor of hospital. it to be a choice made by then. >> is the prime minister aware that she was set to announce their redundancy? the company made public for the first time that they are establishing a new academy for the next generation of this. more jobs and jobs with even
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higher skill. when you undertake the care to get the substance of this? it is initiated by the government. we are bound by the criteria that we said. we have to continue with the decision that has been made according to the criteria. we are asking the question, what more can we do? >> told days ago, when a mine
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was the victim of a vicious night attack. this last weekend, another young man was also the victim of a knife attack. when you join with me in condemning the gang-related violence and and say that those caught carrying nice will face a concern bill apprehension? >> we are sending a clear message. this is a signal to anyone here is contemplating carrying a knife. this is not the answer. we have to ask ourselves why some many children are joining gangs. this is something that runs right across government. >> it is simply not the case
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that government is following the normal process in reiterating to the takeover. why do believe the assurances? >> we have followed the correct process. if you do not follow the correct processes, you'll be judiciously and viewed. you'll be struck down in the courts. >> thank you. >> order. it'll be a hearing. >> last friday this was in the country. will the prime minister
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congratulate them on their wars concerns? will he ensure the government continues to improve the policy? >> i congratulate the hon. gentleman. i do believe in the premium. it was a surprise. 13 years they had to introduce the premiums. what do we get? absolutely nothing. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> each week, we air prime minister questions. then again sunday night on c- span at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. you can watch any time that [unintelligible] -- at
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>> tomorrow, the progressive change campaign committee. he talks of the current movement to get over 170,000 people to not done a to president obama. also a discussion on this debt ceiling talk with the president of the tax foundation. later, it that the pending trade deal between the u.s. and panama. that is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> you are watching c-span, bringing politics and public affairs. it is a public program of the news of the day. we tonight, hearings. then the oral argu

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